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Necessary Software – who are we?



We are Necessary Software – small company from Poland. All in all Necessary Software is Tomasz Konieczny with many people around. We are developing mobile apps. But not normal, boring apps – only these which are necessary for you. :)


For now we have two big applications

Pill Organizer

Pill Organizer will solve your problems and make your life easier. With Pill Organizer, you can easily devote yourself to your work or pleasure, and the app will remind you that you should take your medicine.

The application allows you to create various medicine taking schedules. You can use application to plan when you should take tablets, pills, contraceptives, and all other medicines. It has alarm functions and it allows you to control when and how many tablets you took.


Healthpedia is a collection of information (descriptions, symptoms and treatments) about illnesses and diseases. Very large database (over one thousand articles) of health information contained in one application. Source of knowledge on coping with health problems without having to connect to the Internet.

The application includes alphabetically sorted list of ailments and diseases, and allows you to browse articles by category. The program includes descriptions of diseases and their symptoms, and information on treatments.

Healthpedia does not require any permission and do not use the Internet.

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